40+ Years of Industry Experience

Our Approach to Commercial Bakery Design

We offer complete project engineering and design services, from the initial drawings and layout of your commercial bakery to the evaluation and selection of the process equipment best suited for your needs and requirements.

We can assist with all your needs from the ingredient handling through the palletizer. If you are looking to make improvements to your current operation or rise (expand) to the next level, don't get lost by deciding between the giants in our industry who are less attentive to your needs. With more than four decades of experience and full knowledge of the latest technologies in our industry, we can help people like you to bring your bakery operation to the next level — without overspending your budget.

How We Help

Our Services

With more than 40 years of experience working with top-of-the-line and innovative equipment vendors and process solutions to the bakery-oriented food industry, we are committed to consistently deliver high-quality process equipment and services to our clients.
Process Line Development
We can provide fully integrated production lines from the ingredient batching to the ready to ship packaged products. You can rest assured that your stand-alone process equipment or complete production line will be thoroughly selected, developed, and documented.
Plant and Facility Layouts
Polar Global can develop your facility requirements and document your facility designs. By doing this, we ensure optimal configuration of equipment and facilities, minimizing labor and ensuring efficient process flow.
Project Management
We guarantee equipment and activities are well-coordinated. We'll oversee and facilitate cost-effective equipment installation. And we'll work with you and the best suppliers for your equipment to ensure installation happens on time and on budget.
Turnkey Projects
We plan, design, and implement turnkey solutions for plant manufacturing — for all types of bakery operations. To learn how a turnkey project might benefit you, reach out to us.
Packaging Line Development
We will align your packaging needs and automation with your product production process and your business requirements. In other words, we will present solid and dependable options tailored to your needs.
Vendor Selections
We have a wide view and knowledge of the commercial bakery equipment vendors to our industry and are uniquely positioned to assist you by recommending and choosing the vendor(s) that will best suit your needs. The correct vendor selections are not only money saving decisions, but they may also "future proof" your business.
Who's Behind Polar Global?


Polar Global was founded by Lennart Samuelson, a veteran in the baking industry with more than 40 years of international experience. He has worked for and with the industry's leading equipment suppliers and has developed countless bakery process lines, helping small companies and large companies, alike. Today, he specializes in helping small and mid-sized bakeries grow and achieve the next level of excellence.

Contact Lennart directly by calling (330) 285-1635.

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